My Position on Energy

In today’s world, energy independence is a matter of national security. It’s more important than ever to ensure America’s energy needs can be met by domestic production, not by a reliance on foreign countries such as Russia. That’s why I am proud to support an all-of-the-above energy strategy that will secure America’s energy independence and increase access to affordable energy for Ohioans.

Thankfully, Ohio’s natural gas and oil industry has been leading on clean, safe and reliable energy production for years. Between 2005 and 2015 Ohio’s power sector had the biggest carbon emissions reduction of any state in the country, contributing to America’s largest reduction of emissions in the history of conventional energy over the past decade. All of that was accomplished while, on average, lowering energy costs for American households and utilizing American energy like natural gas.

But for every ton of carbon dioxide emissions reduced here in the U.S., China increased its emissions by FOUR tons. The reality is that drastic environmental protection measures that kill American jobs and hike up prices will not have a positive impact on the Earth’s future sustainability if global emissions continue to rise because of actions from foreign powers like China (whose annual emissions are more than the U.S., Europe, and Japan combined).

Energy Updates

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