Congressman Dave Joyce Releases Statement on Motion to Vacate

Oct 03, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC –Today, Congressman Dave Joyce released the following statement on the filing of a motion to vacate the Chair against Speaker Kevin McCarthy. 

“The motion to vacate put forth yesterday is nothing more than a tantrum aimed at personal and political gain. It stands contrary to the deep conservative values the one – or select few – espousing it claim to ardently defend. 

“This stunt comes at a time when Congress has 44 days to pass all twelve appropriations bills through regular order – a process I fully support and should be noted is a direct demand of the very individual seeking to delay it. 

“These pieces of legislation were written by a Republican House and filled with conservative priorities to secure the border, rein in out-of-control spending, support our military, counter China, and repair our economy. 

“Failure to consider them to entertain one member’s personal vendetta against the Speaker goes against the will of the American people and therefore the mandate of all elected representatives in this chamber.

“I continue to support not only Speaker McCarthy, but the office which he holds. These warrantless attacks threaten not only him, but the integrity of this entire institution.”

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