Congressman David Joyce : Internship Testimonials


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    repName John Smith  
    helpWithFedAgencyAddress Haverhill District Office
    1234 S. Courthouse
    Haverhill, CA 35602
    district 21st District of California  
    academyUSCitizenDate July 1, 2012  
    academyAgeDate July 1, 2012  
    academyApplicationDueDate October 20, 2012  
    repStateABBR AZ  
    repDistrict 1  
    repState Arizona  
    repDistrictText 1st  
    SponsoredBills Sponsored Bills  
    CoSponsoredBills Co-Sponsored Bills  

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Intern Testimonials

Our office provides internship services to constituents. Below you can find more information and read testimonials from constituents across the 14th District who have been assisted by my staff.

Intern Testimonials:

Victoria Haber

 Congressman Joyce’s office provided me with a rigorous, rewarding and informative internship experience, one that I would  recommend to any student who is interested in furthering their knowledge of governmental relations. As an intern, I had the  opportunity to attend policy briefings on a host of issues pertinent to our district, draft cosponsor recommendations that gave me a  voice in the legislative process and correspond directly with constituents. The office’s staff was extremely supportive and encouraged  every intern to take initiative and explore policy issues of interest to them. Through my internship, I refined my working knowledge of  the legislative process and gained insight into how our elected officials weigh various policy proposals. The skills and knowledge I  took away from this internship have been invaluable to me!

Owen Miklos

I worked as an intern in the DC office of Rep. Dave Joyce over the summer of 2019. Right at the outset, I have to give a specific shout-out to the Intern Coordinator and Staff Sssistant at the time for being so easygoing and accommodating in the weeks leading up to the start of my internship. Admittedly, I was a little intimidated heading into work that first day in the House. With that said, it only took about a week to get acclimated, thanks in no small part to a helpful outgoing intern, the friendly staff, and one particularly frustrating scavenger hunt. Over the twelve weeks I was at the office, I worked alongside three other interns. The internship is very flexible in its construction; as a prospective intern, what you get out of it is exactly what you put in. The opportunities that an intern badge provides are mind-bogglingly expansive. Over my time there, I had countless chances to meet other interns, attend lectures by political visionaries, sit in on Congressional hearings, and explore the Capitol to my heart’s content. The actual office work is fairly simple, although more complex projects were always available to those who sought them out. Some days in the office were hectic, others were quite the opposite. I learned eventually how to handle both. For those who want to pursue a life in Congress, this is the first stepping stone; for others, like me, who will pursue a career elsewhere, the internship was no less rewarding. Getting the chance to work in the nation’s capital alongside the Joyce team was an extraordinary experience, one that I will remember fondly for years down the line.

Lindsay Struthers

Working as an intern on Capitol Hill for Rep. Dave Joyce was an invaluable experience that exposed me to the inner-workings of the  legislative and political process. I assisted the office with constituent correspondence, was involved in various projects for senior staff  members, and had the opportunity to attend hearings and briefings on topics that interested me. What made this internship so  phenomenal was the opportunity to be a part of what Rep. Joyce was doing in Congress. From the Congressman’s fight against the  opioid crisis to his continual support for environmental protection, working in Rep. Joyce’s office provided me the experience to  contribute to initiatives that have real-world impacts. Many people come to DC to make a change; working for Rep. Dave Joyce made  me feel like I was truly contributing to something.