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Economy and Jobs

As a member of the Buy American Caucus, American jobs are my number one priority. One of my focuses is the manufacturing industry. You see, while our smaller manufacturing firms - made up of moms, dads, neighbors, and families - are helping our nation’s economy, countries like China threaten to put them out of business. The Buy America Caucus works to make sure that doesn’t happen. We should be promoting American companies and encouraging consumers to buy American made goods. The manufacturing industry gives our country so much; it deserves our protection.

Another one of my focuses is cutting the bureaucratic red tape that hinders American businesses from reaching their full potential. For too long, regulations and taxes coming out of Washington have discouraged job growth. It is well overdue that Washington gets out of the way and allow Ohio businesses to do what they do best: create jobs. It is my number one priority to do everything possible to encourage job creation and economic growth in Northeast Ohio, including fighting for lower taxes and against unnecessary regulations that inhibit the growth of small business.