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Defense & National Security

In my role on the Appropriations Committee, I dig deep into the issues of greatest concern to my constituents. Understandably, national security is a huge priority. I take very seriously the funding legislation that goes toward the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense.

During my time in Congress, I have fought to ensure our military has the funds they need. The money they receive goes toward our nation’s military readiness, operations that fight terror and protect American interests around the globe, resources for our troops at home and abroad, and care for military families (including funding for critical research on traumatic brain injury and psychological health, cancer, and suicide prevention outreach programs, to name just a few).

While our military needs the resources to protect us from foreign threats, our Department of Homeland Security needs the tools to ensure our borders remain secure. I remain committed to working toward better immigration and visa processes so they benefit American workers and provide legal means for obtaining work permits. We need effective immigration policies that are properly enforced.

My priority is providing for my constituents and all U.S. citizens. First and foremost, I want to make sure the American people are safe and secure.