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    repName John Smith  
    helpWithFedAgencyAddress Haverhill District Office
    1234 S. Courthouse
    Haverhill, CA 35602
    district 21st District of California  
    academyUSCitizenDate July 1, 2012  
    academyAgeDate July 1, 2012  
    academyApplicationDueDate October 20, 2012  
    repStateABBR AZ  
    repDistrict 1  
    repState Arizona  
    repDistrictText 1st  
    SponsoredBills Sponsored Bills  
    CoSponsoredBills Co-Sponsored Bills  

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Committees & Caucuses


I'm honored to serve on the House Appropriations Committee and the following subcommittees:

I appreciate the opportunity to help facilitate an efficient and effective appropriations process while also scrutinizing federal spending.


I'm proud to be a member of the following caucuses:

As a Co-Chair:

  • Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery Caucus
  • Congressional Nursing Caucus
  • Congressional Buy American Caucus
  • Congressional Skin Cancer Caucus
  • Congressional COPD Caucus
  • Congressional Croatian Caucus
  • Northeast Midwest Coalition

As a Member:

  • 21st Century Skills Caucus
  • American Sikh Congressional Caucus
  • Animal Protection Caucus
  • Automotive Caucus
  • Bi-Partisan Congressional Maker Caucus
  • Bi-Partisan Heroin Task Force
  • Bike Caucus
  • Carbonated and Nonalcoholic (C.A.N) Caucus
  • Congressional Arthritis Caucus
  • Congressional Autism Caucus
  • Congressional Baby Caucus
  • Congressional Candy Caucus
  • Congressional Caucus on Adoption
  • Congressional Community Pharmacy Caucus
  • Congressional Cystic Fibrosis Caucus
  • Congressional Diabetes Caucus
  • Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus
  • Congressional Heart and Stroke Coalition
  • Congressional Horse Caucus
  • Congressional Hungarian American Caucus
  • Congressional Independent College Caucus
  • Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus
  • Congressional Steel Caucus
  • Congressional Submarine Caucus
  • Congressional Task Force on Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Congressional Task Force on Delphi Pensions
  • Congressional Tourette Syndrome Caucus
  • Congressional TRIO Caucus
  • Congressional Ukrainian Caucus
  • Congressional Vision Caucus
  • Congressional Wine Caucus
  • Fire and Fires Services Caucus
  • General Aviation Caucus
  • Great Lakes Task Force
  • Hellenic Caucus
  • House Small Brewers Caucus
  • Irish Caucus
  • Italian American Congressional Delegation (IACD)
  • Manufacturers Caucus
  • Maritime Caucus
  • National Service Congressional Caucus
  • Natural Gas Caucus
  • Ports Caucus
  • Rare Disease Congressional Caucus
  • Republican Israel Caucus
  • Rock and Roll Caucus
  • STEM Education Caucus
  • The Wire and Wire Products Caucus
  • Transportation Caucus
  • Veterinary Medicine Caucus